Update: Operating Rooms and Endoscopy Reprocessing Area

In October 2019, HHS received funding approval from the Ontario government to redevelop West Lincoln Memorial Hospital’s (WLMH) operating rooms (OR) and endoscopy reprocessing area in order to meet critical standards for patient safety.

We are moving forward with these important renovations with a targeted completion date of September 2020. Until that time, access will continue to one OR at the hospital. Our goal is to finish these renovations as quickly as possible to minimize disruption for patients, staff and physicians.

To expedite these renovations, we requested and received permission from the Ontario Ministry of Health to have the construction contractor who is currently working on other infrastructure projects at WLMH to undertake the OR and endoscopy redevelopment. This important step eliminated the lengthy procurement process normally required and has fast-tracked the project by approximately twelve months.

Key project stages include development of designs to support the permit process, equipment specifications for custom pieces, and construction. Below is an estimated timeline for the project, which is subject to change and dependent on factors outside our control, such as the timely delivery by third party suppliers of custom equipment or other supplies purchased for the project, such as the air handling units and custom-cut stainless steel installations.

TaskEstimated Timeframe
Predesign and building systems auditOct 14 – Nov 1, 2019
Design approval and development; identification of equipment requirements; hazardous material assessmentNov 4 – Nov 29, 2019
Document submission for Building Dept. AmendmentDec 2 – Jan 10, 2020
Final pricing by the contractor (Merit Contractors Niagara)Jan 13 – Jan 30, 2020
Shop drawing development and approvalsFebruary 1-29, 2020
Construction (Note – construction start will depend on air handling unit delivery for both the infrastructure project and Endoscopy/OR)March/April–Sept 2020

Questions and Answers

Why will this project take ten months to complete?

The project requires several custom items to be designed, built and delivered, the longest lead time being the air handling unit which takes a minimum of 16 weeks from order to delivery. Exhaust fans and OR scrub sinks will also take between 10 to 12 weeks to build and ship. These production timelines are consistent across the industry for units of this size. We remain in close contact with the manufacturer and the contractor to make sure that we can continue to expedite where possible and be ready to install when the units arrive.

Below is a list of long-lead items required for this project:

Air handling unit – minimum 16 weeks
Exhaust fans – 10 to 12 weeks
Stainless steel height adjustable counter – 8 weeks, once shop drawings are approved.
Endo pass-thru window – 8 weeks, once shop drawings are approved.
Doors, frames and hardware – 4 to 6 weeks, once door & hardware schedule is approved
Hand washing sinks – 4 to 6 weeks.
OR scrub sink & faucet – 10 to 12 weeks

How does this fit with the other infrastructure projects underway at WLMH?

Work is underway on our existing infrastructure projects. The contractor will coordinate the scope of work between the existing projects and the OR and endoscopy renovations, while taking every effort to minimize disruption for patients, staff and physicians. Current work underway includes the removal of the chimney, electrical work for new emergency generators and the installation of a cooling tower.