Fundraising for new WLMH gets big boost

When building new health care infrastructure in Ontario, hospitals are required to raise 30 per cent of the total project cost, which includes 10 per cent of construction cost and 100 per cent of furniture, fixtures and equipment. This fundraising effort is referred to as the “local share.”

Infrastructure Ontario is pegging the WLMH rebuild around $200 million, which means the WLMH Foundation’s campaign will need to raise about $60 million.

Last week, Niagara Regional Council approved a $12.6 million commitment for the rebuild. The Region’s pledged investment follows the $26 million support already committed by the Town of Grimsby, Town of Lincoln and Township of West Lincoln.

“We’re grateful for these commitments from our municipal and regional partners. The campaign team is excited to build on this momentum and continue on the fast lane to a new WLMH. We are thrilled to continue our work with the community to take it to the finish to build a healthy community,“ stated Andrew Smith, Campaign Chair.

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