Update: Nurse recruitment and service re-direction

WLMH ED Registration

Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) continues to aggressively recruit to fill the open RN positions at the WLMH operating room (OR), working in collaboration with the community and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

In addition to posting on national and international nursing career web sites, we are targeting nurses through social media and local advertising, connecting with academic programs and meeting new graduates at job fairs. We are also providing signing bonuses up to $30,000 for out-of-province nurses and a $1,500 bonus for HHS employees who put us in touch with a successful candidate.

Our combined efforts have resulted in a surge of applications in the last few weeks and we are contacting and interviewing qualified candidates as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, our current nursing complement allows us to run the operating room Monday through Friday. This means that births cannot take place at WLMH from 3 pm Fridays to 7 am Mondays due to the risk of a C-section or post-delivery surgery being required. Eight babies have been born at either McMaster University Medical Centre or at the St. Catharines site of Niagara Health System since the weekend service re-direction began.

Our staff are making the transfers in care as smooth as possible for the laboring mothers, including notifying the receiving hospital of their arrival and transferring any necessary medical records. The WLMH Emergency Department is available for births during weekend hours if necessary.

Learn information for expectant mothers.

Please note: there are no changes to other services at WLMH, including diagnostic imaging, clinics, scheduled surgeries, inpatient beds and the 24/7 Emergency Department.

Learn more information about recruitment.

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