WLMH Update

WLMH Update - May 13 2019

OR nursing staff update

Nurses have been recruited for the WLMH surgical program. Training and orientation will take place throughout the summer and it is expected that the new recruits will be ready to begin their roles in Fall 2019. In the meantime the weekend re-direct of Labour and Delivery continues.

The WLMH Transition Planning Working Group

Intensive work continues with our administration and medical staff to determine how best to meet the appropriate standards for safety and quality of care in the surgical and obstetrical areas of our WLMH site.

The WLMH Transition Planning Working Group, which includes the WLMH site medical leaders, has unanimously agreed that several of the missed standards identified are a high priority for action in the weeks ahead. These issues were validated extensively using third party expertise. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is in full agreement with the working group’s findings that we must address the issues identified.

Several low-cost, low-impact solutions can be put in place immediately. We are carefully considering what additional renovations might be required at the site to fully address critical issues, specifically the safe storage of surgical supplies.

Our priority is to minimize or avoid service disruptions altogether, because of the impact on the communities we serve and the care providers at WLMH. We want to protect the model of care that we are proud of here at WLMH. The timing and duration of any renovations is still being looked at by our teams. We expect to have firm answers soon. If service disruptions are required, the impacted services will return as quickly as possible.

Ongoing infrastructure renewal

Infrastructure renewal work announced by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care last November is ongoing at WLMH. This work is not directly related to the maintenance of patient safety standards identified by our Transition Planning Working Group, but does address important things like elevator upgrades, plumbing and electrical work throughout the facility.

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